Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Ending homelessness is possible.

First, we must agree that housing is one of the most important aspects of health and wellness. Not only will I support housing first policies to end homelessness, but also I will support innovative policies that support homeownership and affordable housing construction and enhancements that support the Green New Deal.

“Every human deserves safe, habitable housing. That’s why the policies that I will create and advocate for will support a housing-firsthousing first approach.”

On day one, without any hesitation, I will work to provide more housing units, enhance the efficiency of public housing according to the Green New Deal, ensure housing remains affordable, and implement new, innovative pathways to homeownership.

Implementing a Green New Deal for Public Housing:

I work diligently to require government investment in decarbonizing public housing and other green infrastructure and enhancements, which will create union-track jobs. Residents of public housing will be offered training in green jobs that will provide the labor necessary to make green upgrades and enhancements.

Housing First Now:

I will fight to provide $1 trillion to not only provide safe housing for all butore importantly, the new housing units will include supportive services to help chronically homeless people to remain stably housed. Support services will include investment in training, counseling, and assistance with social determinants of health.

Pathways to Home Ownership:

Homeownership has been a source of wealth for some and for many owners has been a financial roller coaster that seems to never end. I will support new models of homeownership that are attainable and affordable.

National Rent Control:

Many households are being forced to relocate due to rising rents. I support, without hesitation, national rent control to end gentrification. National rent will provide a limitation on rent increase at 150% of the consumer price index or 3%, whichever is higher. This will allow landlords to make a return on investment while making rents more affordable.


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